OCEAN ISLE BEACH, N.C., May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — North Carolina’s newest changes to the state-wide QAP now allow for dehumidifier installation in place of ducted range hoods. In direct relation to these changing North Carolina industry standards, Innovative Dehumidifier Systems, LLC (https://www.innovativedehumidifiers.com/) anticipates shipments of dehumidifiers to continue rising as the warm and humid summer months bring the return of construction projects as well as the threat of mold and humidity damage.

In the past, North Carolina designers and developers had no choice but to install expensive fire wrapped ducted range hoods in their construction projects. But in 2017, a new ruling by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency changed the QAP to allow developers the choice to install dehumidifiers into newly constructed apartment complexes in lieu of ducted range hoods. Such range hoods were expensive, costing as much as $400–$500 per unit, as well as adding significant increase into the construction timeline. The ducts had to be wrapped in the field after construction and after inspection. Switching to an easily installed, efficient dehumidifier instead has literally transformed the construction landscape, and it is saving developers money during construction. In addition, and more valuably, developers now have the ability to trade off the cost of ducted range hoods and install a device that will protect them and their residents from mold growth for years to come.

Innovative Dehumidifier’s IW25 dehumidifier was originally created for multifamily residences, and solves some of the toughest moisture problems. The IW25 runs independently of other HVAC systems, has a hidden humidistat, and is both efficient and quick, allowing significant improvement of air quality no matter how musty the original environment. Damp garages and basements can be dried out and made safer for habitation without having to add the extra expense and time involved with costly renovations or heavy installations of other equipment. The IW25 unit can also be easily hardwired into preexisting electrical systems or piped into existing plumbing, allowing for an almost complete hands-off dehumidification experience.

“Our customers are our most important quality-control feedback. Their construction projects represent enormous investments of both their time and money. It fills us with pride that developers have chosen to protect their construction and building investments from water and mold damage by using our IW25 in-wall dehumidifiers. That speaks volumes to the success of our design. And we’ve had many wonderful reports of how easy, how quiet, and how efficient our IW25s are working,” said owner and founder Brian Smith.

The IW25 solves many problems for developers and builders, not the least of which are new energy efficiency standards. Such standards call for more secure and moisture-resistant buildings and homes, as well as elimination of indoor mold and mildew problems before they begin. The IW25 was designed to be installed quickly and easily in under an hour, either between existing support studs or surface-mounted on any interior wall of the structure. They were meant to quietly perform their duties, drawing as little attention to themselves as possible.

The IW25 units are crafted with attention to safety as well as reliability. Epoxy-coated coils protect against corrosion as well as improve overall air quality as the machine dehumidifies the surrounding environment. Tamper-proof covers ensure that only owners and certified staff have access to the hardware. And should the internal condensate pump ever fail, auxiliary pump safety contacts shut the unit down immediately. As a complete package, the IW25 units are perfect additions to any developer’s multifamily residence design.


Innovative Dehumidifier Systems, LLC is the pioneer of the multifamily housing dehumidifier system, providing the solution to mold prevention in apartments. Innovative Dehumidifier is a North Carolina based company founded by Brian Smith and Tom Honeycutt. They developed the signature IW25 to meet the building industry’s growing demand for an appropriate humidity solution for multifamily spaces. Their dehumidifier has received an ENERGY STAR® certification, and each IW25 unit is manufactured with special attention to safety and reliability.


Henry Van Driel, Sales Manager

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