RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Relay, creators of the screen-free, «smarter» phone for families, announced the launch of Relay Pro for enterprise-specific connection and safety needs. Relay Pro is revolutionizing communication for 55 million-plus active workers in the US with cellular push to talk, GPS tracking, panic button functionality, and software integration, transforming how businesses with teams on the go communicate via easy, safe, and affordable push-to-talk technology-enabled with national coverage.

Relay Pro revolutionizes the way active workers communicate and access information

«Walkie-talkies are expensive. They’re a huge dollar amount for these businesses and they really haven’t changed their feature set for 30 years,» said Jon Schniepp, SVP of Product & Marketing. «Unlike office workers, who have 24/7 digital access to business tools and one another, millions of active workers who are the pulse of industries like hospitality, events, construction, and childcare, remain disconnected from the people and information that would allow them to do their jobs more effectively. Relay is a fraction of the cost, allowing companies to get communication tools in more hands, and it is based on software technology that can integrate with internal systems.»

Relay Pro provides a much-needed communications solution for any business whose workforce is active across a larger footprint or can not be distracted while engaged with face-to-face interactions – including hotels, stadiums, schools, and construction worksites. However, because Relay is built on a powerful voice-first software platform, it can adapt to business needs with custom integrations that help businesses use collected analytics to evaluate and optimize workflow.

The accessible price point of the Relay Pro allows all employees at these properties to use the devices versus previous solutions which were available only to supervisors. This is especially important considering the «panic button» laws that are sweeping the U.S. requiring hotels to equip workers assigned to work in restrooms or guest rooms with an emergency device at all times.

«We are following our customer’s lead. We believe that Relay is going to allow businesses to connect active workers that aren’t staring at their computer screens all day,» continued Schniepp. «This global supply chain of smartphones has driven down the cost of creating something cellular-connected in a small form factor. The walkie-talkie market hasn’t benefited from that trend.»

The heart of the brand will continue to be about connecting people who previously couldn’t be in touch.  by creating a solution that allows active workers to be connected in the same way that email and Slack create efficiencies for people who work at a desk.

Relay Pro is already in use with several enterprise partners including Delaware North, Six Flags Great Adventure and The Peabody Hotel in Memphis. ‘It’s taken communications to a whole new level in terms of accountability and understanding our business and continuing to improve,» said Andy Worden, GM Delaware North at the Cincinnati Reds.

Relay Pro’s low upfront costs make the device accessible for all teams and start at $49.99/per device. The screen-free design eliminates distracted driving and keeps team members heads-up. The rugged push-to-talk device features an easy to operate single-button talk feature, an all-day battery charge, and a compact design that is waterproof and break-resistant. Relay Pro is GPS-locatable to allow tracking of all team assets, workers, and vehicles all times. Relay Pro technology works across multiple teams and features coverage across the US.

For more information about this enterprise solution, visit relaypro.com


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